Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Vigil Companion

The Palliative and Hospice Care Team is organizing a Vigil Companion program at Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center.  This program is part of our ongoing effort to provide excellence in end of life care.

We are very concerned about patients who have no family to sit by their side for vigil in their last days and hours of life.  We are also concerned about family members who need respite at this critical time.  The Vigil Companion Program is being organized to meet these needs.  A hospice training certificate and support will be provided.

As their time and schedules allow, volunteers will be called to sit with and support dying patients.  If you are interested in volunteering to be part of a volunteer team in this important effort, please contact Jill Lord through e-mail ( or voice mail at 674-7224.

Click here to download the Vigal Companion Program Application

Vigil Companion

A person able to enter a room silently without announcement on feet
So quiet that the air barely moves
A person who can feel that the time is nigh and is familiar with the
Suggestion of the door opening ever so slowly
A person whose heart quickens just a tad knowing that there is yet
Another wonder waiting patiently for the arrival of a new spirit
A person who is willing to sit and wait and watch as the door opens
Wider and knows instinctively that the spirit has gone
A person accepts the inevitable and can grieve and mourn with those
Who are left behind and then once again on silent feet
Leave the room to look for the next door

                                                                                    Denise Lanier (2005)