Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

NEW MRI and Upgraded X-Ray

MRI technology is a highly effective diagnostic tool that lets doctors “see” what’s going on inside your body for faster, more accurate diagnoses of tumors, internal injuries and other medical problems. MRIs have revolutionized the world of medicine, but MRI technology isn’t available in every community.

Which is why one of the goals of the on-going Positively VITAL Capital Campaign has been to bring upgraded imaging services to the communities served by the Ottauquechee Health Center.

Mt. Ascutney Hospital is pleased to introduce our NEW Mobile MRI Unit, located at the Ottauqueechee Health Center. Now Woodstock-area residents can get MRIs done much closer to home, using the same mobile service employed by Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor.

OHC’s mobile MRI schedule is designed to fit the needs of both patients and doctors. Now, we can do your next MRI quickly and easily at OHC no matter where you get your primary or specialty care.

MRI services are available at OHC every other Wednesday, and that schedule may be expanded in response to community need.

Terri DeMond, Radiology Manager at Mt. Ascutney Hospital notes, “MRI technology is particularly useful for the detection of abnormalities in glands and organs within the abdomen, and accurate information about the structure of the joints, soft tissues, and bones of the body. An MRI scan can provide information about blood circulation to aid in the detection of problems. There is no radiation with an MRI but rather it is a technique that uses magnetism, radio waves, and a computer to produce images of body structures.”

In addition to MRI services, Mt. Ascutney Hospital has also completed installation of a digital x-ray system at OHC. The new system is expected to go online by late December and offers the following advantages:

  • The images are sharper, improving diagnoses;
  • Radiation exposure has been reduced by about 50%;
  • The table can be lowered closer to the floor, making it easier to use for young children, seniors, and patients with lower limb impairments;
  • It can accommodate heavier than average patients (up to 650 lbs);
  • Almost all of our patients can now get x-rays close to home;
  • The images are easily integrated into patients’ electronic medical records and can be shared with other care facilities.

New mobile MRI unit and upgrades to our digital x-ray system are part of Mt. Ascutney Hospital’s commitment to bringing high-quality, leading-edge health care to the communities we serve.