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Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Well child visits

Well child visits are a time to check on the overall health of your child, to see how they are growing and provide protection against disease with scheduled vaccinations.  They are also a time to raise concerns about your child’s behavior, development and general well being. 

Below you will find information about what to expect at each well visit as well as information about how your child will be changing in between visits.

2 weeks                                                             Other topics:

1 month                                                                    Infants and Toddlers

2 months                                                                       Your baby's first vaccines

4 months                                                                       Vitamin D supplementation

6 months                                                                       Sleep

9 months                                                                       Toilet Training

12 months                                                                     Teeth care

15 months                                                                     Using "Time-out"

18 months                                                                     InfantSEE

24 months                                                              Adolescents

30 months                                                                     Puberty in boys

3 years                                                                          Puberty in girls

4 years                                                                          Driving contract

5 years                                                                          Acne

6 years                                                                          Sleep hygiene

7-8 years                                                                       HPV vaccine for boys

9-10 years                                                                    Obesity and Healthy living

11-12 years                                                             Safety

13-14 years                                                                    Baby proofing

15-18 years                                                                    Car seat safety

                                                                                       Medication dosing for kids

                                                                                ADHD forms

                                                                                         Vanderbilt assessment for Teachers
                                                                                         Vanderbilt assessment for Parents