Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center


The American Optometric Association is currently working to promote early visual assessments for infants 6 – 12 months of age.  The assessment provides a free, one-time comprehensive eye and vision exam.  The purpose of the exam is to provide improved opportunities for the early detection of significant visual problems including amblyopia  (lazy eye) and strabismus. 

If you are interested in arranging a free screening for your baby, please call:

White River Family Eye care                                              (802) 295-4887
(Dr. Bernal, Dr. Hastie, Dr. Jones, Dr. Dufour)
United Eye Care Specialists                                               (603) 543-0320
(Dr. Samuel Giveen)

For more information, or to locate a participating optometrist in another area, call (toll free) 888-396-EYES or visit

We would be interested in any feed back you may have for us regarding this program.