Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Care Center welcomes new Corporation Members

Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center (MAHHC) welcomed nine new Members of the Windsor Hospital Corporation at its annual meeting recently held at the Hospital.

“Our Members are vital to the success of MAHHC’s mission,” said Joe Perras, CEO and Chief Medical Officer. “They fulfill many critical functions for the Hospital, from being ‘brand ambassadors’, to helping raise funds, to cultivating awareness and support for MAHHC in the community.”

In addition, Members need to stay informed of Mt. Ascutney Hospital’s mission, services, policies, programs and challenges. They attend the hospital’s Annual Meeting and any special meetings called by the Board of Trustees.

MAHHC’s newest Members are Pam Brown from Brownsville, Beth Carter of Windsor, Denise Dupris from Reading, Erik Fritz from Taftsville, Judith Hills, MD, from South Woodstock, Megan O’Neill of Windsor, Bill Page of Windsor, David Peckenpaugh of North Hartland, and Heather Prebish of Windsor.

The Hospital also thanks 11 outgoing Members for their service, including  Phil Arvidson, Peter Cole, William Kuiken, Mark Isenburg, John Lens, Patrice Mushlin, James Phelps, Mundy Wilson-Piper, Tom Roberts, Lou Schmertz, and Rice Yordy.

“Thanks to your efforts,” Dr. Perras told outgoing Members, “The Hospital has successfully finished one of the most exciting and ambitious years in our history. Our Members have always provided incredible philanthropy, sharing their time and resources to ensure that MAHHC’s doors remain open and that we consistently deliver advanced, quality care to our community.”

Anyone interested in serving as a Mt. Ascutney Hospital Member is encouraged to contact Candy Hingston, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Secretary to the Nominating Committee at