Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Ottauquechee Health Center

At the Ottauquechee Health Center, we provide high-quality, outpatient primary and specialty care for residents and visitors in the Woodstock, Vermont area. Our patients receive experienced and personalized care from a dedicated team of providers, nurses and support staff, many with a long history of connection and service to the Woodstock community.

At the Ottauquechee Health Center, we believe that establishing a relationship with your own physician creates a strong foundation for good health care. We offer primary care for patients of all ages, and a variety of specialty services for additional healthcare needs, such as Podiatry, Physical Therapy and Ophthalmology.

The Ottauquechee Health Center has won recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as part of its "Patient-Centered Medical Home” program. To achieve this recognition, the clinic met a wide range of goals designed to improve patient care. Goals such as providing better access to care, planning and coordinating services for patients, and measuring performance and improving quality. In Vermont, just 29 of more than 230 clinics statewide have received recognition from the NCQA.


Ottauquechee Health Center Improvements Update

At this point, substantial construction work on the interior of the Ottauquechee Health Center building has been completed.  The new owner of the building, DEW Construction, made major improvements to the HVAC systems, windows, and other elements of the building’s infrastructure, as well as upgrades to all the interior spaces. A new Physical Therapy gym was constructed on the lower level, nearly tripling space for patients engaged in a variety of therapeutic activities. Mt. Ascutney Hospital has now signed a long-term lease on the facility -- an arrangement which signifies that the Hospital is committed to maintaining this vital primary care resource for the greater Woodstock community through the next decade and beyond.


“Making these essential physical upgrades to the Health Center building was just the first step in our plan to dramatically enhance and support this important health care facility in Woodstock,” said Kevin W. Donovan, President and CEO. “We still need new imaging and other medical equipment, furnishings and more to transform the Ottauquechee Health Center into a first-rate community-based health facility that all can turn to for high quality primary care and easy access to specialty care.” He announced that the Hospital is working on plans for a major new capital campaign that will include a half-million dollar goal to fund these additional improvements in the Health Center. “We intend to launch our fundraising effort on behalf of Ottauquechee Health Center this fall, and we hope Woodstock and the surrounding communities will stand behind our effort to ensure that the Health Center not only continues to meet the needs of local families but also that it remains a center of excellence for quality care that they can rely on for many years to come.”