Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center

Levels of Care

The Acute Rehabilitation Program

provides intensive rehabilitation for patients who have significant impairments from illness, injury, surgery, or chronic disease. Patients requiring this service receive a minimum of three hours of therapy per day and require a variety of therapeutic disciplines.

The Transitional Care Program is appropriate for patients who no longer need the intensity of an acute hospital setting, but are not yet well enough to be cared for safely and comfortably at home. Patients may also require physician management of complex medical conditions, and can tolerate two hours of therapy per day.

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Program
provides on-going therapies for people who have left the hospital but who would continue to benefit from rehabilitation to increase their level of function. Patients may receive physical, occupational or speech therapy, or follow-up appointments from the physiatrist or neuropsychologist.

The frequency and intensity of services is determined by the needs of the individual.