Community Health Needs Assessment, Plan, & Reports

In collaboration with multiple organizations and agencies, MAHHC Community Health meets the definition of an Accountable Community for Health, or ACH. This means that, as a health system, we take care of the sick but we also work to ensure opportunities for residents in our region to be physically healthy, mentally healthy, socially connected and valued, financially secure, well-nourished and well-housed.

So, what is our process?

Every three years, we complete a Community Health Needs Assessment. These assessments help us to identify community health concerns, priorities and opportunities for the MAHHC service area, which covers a geographic area of 13 municipalities in Vermont and New Hampshire.
Our survey is conducted in conjunction with a 5-hospital collaborative which includes Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, New London Hospital, and Valley Regional Healthcare.

After doing the assessment, we take the results and create a Community Health Implementation Plan. Using the data from the needs assessment, the improvement plan is our map to how we can address the top priorities and invest in health improvement for the populations we serve.

On this page, you will find the past and most recent Community Health Needs Assessment links, as well as our Community Health Implementation Plan and Annual Reports—the actions we have taken, and outcomes we have seen as a result of our efforts.

Community Health Benefits Report

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

CHNA Implementation Plan