Medical Information

Mt. Ascutney Hospital uses an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, called eChart, to keep track of our patients' medical information.

eChart collects and stores detailed health information in a secure digital format that can be accessed by physicians and medical staff at Mt. Ascutney Hospital and connected partner organizations.

eChart also:

  • Tracks complete information about your health and medical care
  • Stores details about your medical history such as medications, lab results, diagnoses, surgeries, and treatments
  • Can be accessed, updated and shared by physicians and other medical staff involved in your care, like nurses, therapists, and lab technicians
  • Communicates your complete health information so providers have it at every appointment when you’re admitted to the hospital, and even in an emergency
  • Connects all your providers so they can better communicate and coordinate your health care

For more information about your medical records, please call (802) 674-7163 or (802) 674-7254.

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