Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP)

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Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP) is a coalition to prevent substance abuse and promote health in the towns of Weathersfield, Windsor, West Windsor, and Hartland, VT.

Our mission is to be a resource to individuals, organizations and communities in identifying opportunities for health promotion in policies, practices and activities.

Our initiatives

MAPP's initiatives are aimed at decreasing underage drinking and prescription drug abuse, protecting youth from the dangers of tobacco smoke, increasing opportunities for physical activity and promoting the availability of healthy foods. For more information about MAPP, visit

Alcohol use prevention

  • MAPP leads the Windsor County Partnership for Success (PFS), a coalition of prevention groups and law enforcement working together to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.
  • MAPP developed and offers to the community a live presentation, “The Hi-Speed Teen Brain: Getting Rewired Till 25.” The program draws attention to the latest information about teen brain development and participation is something all can benefit from, not just parents. Jean Strawbridge, mother of a 14-year-old from Hartland, VT, said after the program, “Informative and thought-provoking...Probably the best take-home message for me was what I can do as a parent.”
  • A “Parenting Tips” media campaign was launched and is aimed at decreasing the percentage of parents who think it is acceptable for kids under age 21 to drink alcohol.

Tobacco use prevention

  • MAPP works with local youth to protect their peers from the danger of tobacco exposure and use. In 2010, Weathersfield Kids against Tobacco worked with MAPP staff to pass a town ordinance banning tobacco use from town parks and recreation areas. Youth groups in surrounding towns continue to work on similar issues
  • MAPP diligently promotes tobacco cessation services in their communities by sharing local hospital and statewide resources (the Vermont Quit Network).

Healthy retailer initiative

MAPP has established relationships with independent grocery and convenience store owners to create retail environments that encourage healthier food and beverage choices and discourage tobacco and alcohol use. This is part of a statewide movement called “Small Change, Big Impact.” A recent example of this is MAPP working together with Mike’s Mobile in Hartland, VT, to install a reflective window covering so that tobacco products are not prominently seen from the parking lot and separation of non-alcoholic beverages from the “alchopops,” which are malt and wine beverages with fruit-flavored added juices.

Healthy community design

In an effort to increase physical activity and access to healthy nutrition, we work with municipal partners and community planners to write health promotion into town plan chapters; concepts such as complete streets, smart growth, mixed use development and more.

Learn more about our healthy community design by watching these videos: