Rehabilitation Programs

We offer three levels of rehabilitative care to meet the full range of your needs. You may be admitted into one program level but move to another as you progress through rehabilitation treatment and recovery. We coordinate your treatment plan so you can receive all of our services in one location.

Acute Rehabilitation Program

This CARF-accredited program provides intensive rehabilitation on an inpatient basis for patients who have significant impairments from illness, injury, surgery, neurological disorders or chronic disease. Each patient works with a team of rehabilitation experts tailored to his or her specific therapeutic needs, and receives three or more hours of daily therapy up to seven days a week, as appropriate or tolerated, and 24-hour nursing care from nurses with Rehabilitation training. 

Swing Care Program

This program supports patients who no longer need acute hospital care but who are not yet well enough to be cared for at home. Some patients may also require continued physician management of complex medical conditions or a modified pace of therapy for continued recovery. Patients in this program receive skilled nursing care on a 24-hour basis and therapy services for one to two hours a day.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

This program provides ongoing physical medicine and rehabilitation therapies for adult and pediatric patients. The program supports patients who have left the hospital but continue to need rehabilitation to increase their level of function. The program also supports patients who do not require a hospital stay for treatment due to an injury or chronic illness.