Your Rehabilitation Team

As a patient in the Rehabilitation Center, you will work with a team of health professionals who are specially trained in rehabilitation and physical medicine.

A fully equipped rehabilitation gym

Your rehabilitation team includes you and your family along with doctors, nurses and therapists with the expertise best suited to your needs. This team will design your treatment plan and provide your care.

The Physiatrist is a doctor who is specially trained in how the body’s nerves, muscles, bones and brain affect how you move. The Physiatrist leads your rehabilitation team in the design and implementation of your treatment program.

The Care Manager works with you and your family to understand and address the emotional, social, financial, vocational and educational needs that may arise as a result of your condition. The Care Manager is a key partner for you and your family throughout your stay, beginning with your admission, through treatment and in planning your discharge.

Our Nurses are involved in your care on a daily basis to help you regain optimal function and prevent further complications. Our nurses are specially trained and many are certified in rehabilitation care.

A Speech/Language Pathologist may evaluate and work with you on issues related to swallowing, speaking, processing and expressing thoughts, and memory.

The Physical Therapist or Physical Therapy Assistant works with you to improve your strength, coordination, balance, endurance, muscle performance, and functional mobility. At Mt. Ascutney Hospital, many therapists have additional training and expertise in specialty areas such as postural and vestibular restoration, lymphedema treatment, or work capacity evaluations.

I recently was at MAHHC Rehab [Center] following an accident at home that resulted in a leg fracture. The care, treatment, and especially staff were all EXCELLENT! Everyone and I mean everyone, from the doctor on through the housekeeping staff were nothing but kind, caring, professional individuals. They ALL bent over backward to make sure I was comfortable and that all my needs were met. My wife Kelly and I would like to express our thanks, our appreciation, and our gratitude to the entire staff there for going 'above and beyond.' A special thanks to the nursing staff and the PT/OT all rock!!!

Dave and Kelly Leighton
South Royalton, VT

With the Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant, you work on everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating and managing household activities, as well as on cognitive tasks such as reading, writing and handling money. Specially trained Certified Hand Therapists also may work with you to address upper limb function involved in these activities.

The Therapeutic Recreation Therapist is involved in your treatment through leisure activities and social interaction. In the Therapeutic Workshop, patients focus on the hobbies and activities that make life more enjoyable and on returning to those activities with whatever adaptations may be necessary.

The Registered Dietitian conducts a nutrition assessment and attends to your nutritional needs during your stay. The Dietitian also provides nutrition counseling to you and your family and works with you to develop the optimal dietary plan for when you return home.

Other affiliated services that are available to you include:

  • Audiology
  • Chaplaincy
  • Prosthetics
  • Psychiatry
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Vocational counseling and driver rehabilitation