Advance Directives

What is an advance directive?

Advance directives are legal documents that allow you to decide what type of medical care you want if you ever become unable to speak for yourself.

Why do I need an advance directive?

Advance directives allow those speaking for you to understand what medical care you want. This makes decisions easier for your loved ones and for the people caring for you. We've had instances at Mt. Ascutney that would have been much easier for all involved had patients created an advanced directive.

How do I get an advance directive?

Advance directives vary by state:

You can also contact Betsy Burghardt at (802) 674-7144.

What should I do with my advance directive once I have it?

Keep the original. Be sure your agents have copies, as well as those who care about you. Your health care provider needs a copy. We can’t honor your health care wishes unless we know what they are. Please be sure there is a copy in your health record.