Postural Restoration

Provider performing postural restoration on a patient

Posture is not merely "sitting up straight." It is a reflection of the position of all the joints of the body and is created by our functional patterns as we carry out our daily activities, occupations, sports, and hobbies. Our posture and these patterns determine our ability to properly breathe, rotate and rest on both sides and in all parts of our body. Limitations within these patterns cause adaptive changes and compensation leading to musculoskeletal dysfunction, abnormal strain, and altered breathing mechanics.

What is Postural Restoration?

Postural Restoration is a unique treatment approach that uses both manual (hands-on) techniques and specifically prescribed exercises to address postural patterns and muscular imbalances. This allows the body to function in the optimal position reducing strain and overuse. The emphasis on correcting the position a person is in for their functional activities addresses the root cause of a problem and leads to lasting recovery and improved functional performance.

What kind of problems does Postural Restoration address?

Postural Restoration and the focus on recognizing and correcting faulty patterns are ideal for treating conditions such as scoliosis, shoulder, and hip impingement/ tendonitis, knee, and patellofemoral pain, back and neck pain, and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Mt. Ascutney Hospital has the only clinic in the Upper Valley area with a staff trained in the Postural Restoration treatment approach and has one of the few therapists in the country certified by the Postural Restoration Institute.