Unlike alcohol, no one has ever studied how much marijuana use is harmful. Marijuana affects people in different ways. Marijuana use can have a very negative effect on a person’s life. Especially for people who have addiction or mental health troubles in their family; or, for people who have jobs that require they not use it.

The biggest danger in using marijuana today is the higher levels of THC, the ingredient that causes changes to the brain. The levels of the THC in today’s marijuana can cause paranoia, mental breakdown, and addiction. This has led to more people needing to go to the hospital. Lower THC level marijuana may not cause such dangerous effects, but it can still negatively effect health and lifestyle.

Without scientific testing, there is no way to tell how much THC is in a marijuana product or edible.

Any use of marijuana poses some risk, both mentally, physically, and socially.

A Recovery Coach is available to support you. The role of the Recovery Coach is to provide compassionate and active listening, linkage to resources and help with referrals. Talk to an addiction coach to assess your patterns of use to find hope in treatment.

1980 – early 1990s 1980 – early 1990s Today’s Concentrate
3% – 4% 17% – 20% 60% – 80%

THC potency linked to increase episodes of psychosis 14% – 15% *

Average potency of marijuana used to study medical effects 2% – 8% **

*National Institute on Drug Abuse
**Marijuana Equivalency Report