Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, addiction to alcohol or other drugs

For people of all ages, mental health problems and addictions can affect relationships, school and job performance. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and access to effective care is essential to healthy communities.

Fortunately, help is here. Our region is home to an array of skilled, licensed mental health professionals who can help people feel better and function better.

Mental health providers

To find a nearby mental health provider, refer to our Mental Health Resource Directory (PDF) for the Windsor, VT area.

Substance abuse prevention

Our comprehensive substance abuse initiatives in this program started in 1996. Outcomes from this program have been astounding and celebratory. For example, 30-day tobacco use among eighth-graders declined from 26.2% in 1995 to 9% in 2009. This has happened with expert advice, hard work, grant support and community participation in a comprehensive approach.

See our Substance Abuse Treatment Guide (PDF) for help and treatment services for people whose alcohol and other drug use is negatively affecting their lives.

For information about quitting smoking, see the Tobacco Cessation Program.

Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP)

Mt. Ascutney Prevention Partnership (MAPP) is part of the community health department at MAHHC. We help strengthen community connections and build environments that promote health and value well-being for all. Our goal is to promote health with a particular focus on:

  • Prevention of substance misuse
  • Equitable access to improve physical health
  • Ensuring individuals feel valued by their community

For more information about MAPP and its goals, visit the MAPP page.